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About Us


Flamingo Shopping Centre is at the heart of Modderfontein Junction.

A vibrant and upmarket community, set in the picturesque 5acre heritage village of Modderfontein, on the banks of Flamingo Dam.

The Centre itself offers a diverse mix of food, services and retail outlets will ensure you can tick off you to-do list while enjoying
a little browsing and grab a bite to eat with a view.

Flamingo Shopping Centre in combination with Modderfontein Junction is developed by Nevada Construction.

The full project has been rolled out in 3 phases. As of now (December 2018) we are currently entering Phase 3.


The first phase of the development saw the demolition of the old Post Office high-street. The build and activation of the Modderfontein Shell Garage

and it’s convenience store, the general “clean-up” of the site and surrounds and the civil Foundation Phase of the centre.


During this phase the centre itself was built, populated and opened to the public.


The final phase of development includes the rejuvenation of the Wetlands and Dam opposite the centre.
A secure, community park including the various amenities and commercial structures required to bring this area
to life will begin to take place in the new year.


As part of the development of Modderfontein Junction, Nevada Group have taken great care in making sure that their project
has added significant value to the suburb. They have respected it’s heritage and are committed to uplifting many aspects
of the area for all those who visit, work and make use of the Junction. For example,

The park has been cleaned up and secured to ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors

A dedicated Taxi rank boasting top notch shading and seating has been added to the junction, for all those who work and commute through Modderfontein

Beautiful Street Lamps, in considered styling, have been added to Queens Street which runs through the junction to retain the Old World Charm of the neighbourhood.

A vibrant and upmarket community,

set in the picturesque 5acre heritage

village of Modderfontein